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Walema Rice 500gm

Cross Weight 500gm

Among the well-known health benefits of rice are its ability to energize the body and stabilize blood sugar levels. National Industries has been providing the Sudanese market with premium quality rice - an item which has become one of the staple foods in the Sudanese diet.

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Italian Short-Grain and Indian Long-Grain (Basmati). Product is automatically filled with the modern universal ways and not touch hands.

Nutrition Facts

Nutritional Values for 100 gms

Amount Per Serving Calories 469 Calories From Fat 183
Daily Value %
Cholestrol 0.0 gm
Carbohydrate 79.3 gm
Calories 360 cal
Protein 6.61 gm
Fat 0.58 gm
Calcium 28 mg
Iron 0.8 mg
Potassium 76 mg
Vitamin B 1.72 mg


Since 2014, National Industries introduced quality rice to the market . Available in two kinds - Italian short-grain and Indian long-grain (basmati) - National Industries rice is a wonderful accompaniment to your meal. Fast cooking, it takes just 15 minutes to prepare, and pairs well with vegetable stews and meat dishes alike. Our Italian short-grain is perfect to make the creamy, rice-pudding dessert that is a staple for special occasions. We have been providing quality rice since 2014.


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