With the development of life and the flourishing of food trade at the present time, the distribution of food products has become on a large scale in various parts of the country and relying directly on processed food products and the increase in the population in the past years, it is necessary for us to provide consumers and customers with products that support their needs and the necessary solutions to ensure that our products reach all parts Motherland. National Industries has been keen to ensure that products reach all consumers, whether inside or outside Khartoum, by dedicating more than 50 trucks under service to provide products by covering all states through regional markets. We also meant customers within the capital, where distribution takes place in central markets and retail centers. To complete the picture and clarify the vision followed in our distribution policy, we have created a special section for major customers, which means only distribution to restaurants, fast food outlets, hotels and institutions, in order to ensure that our products reach all segments of society, including service and consumption.