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ANUGA Exhibition 2017

September 20, 2017

The national industries company participated in ANUGA  exhibition 2017 which was in Germany , in the city of koln . There was a special stand for us and we displayed our products which are Halvah Tahina and pure Sesame crop (hulled , toasted). They found a great acceptance through the testing campings , the products […]

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Made In Sudan

June 10, 2017

National Industries Company contributed to the success of the 7th  session of the industrial product  exhibition under the slogan ” Made In Sudan Quality and Mastery”. The honor of the exhibition was the minister of industry and it was very successful and attracted many visitor .There was testing campaigns for the consumers and it got […]

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Khartoum International Exhibition 2017

January 25, 2017

National industries company participated in the activities of the Khartoum international exhibition in the 34th session of the exhibition ground in Burri in the 20th January 2017.    The session included marketing programs to acquaint the consumer with the product of the company through the testing campaigns and direct selling at the coast of  the […]

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Next to Great Park Omdurman, Sudan

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